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Original Missouri Brew Crew Stories

Book Summary

A humorous book of several very short true stories about a group of
characters who live in Southwest Missouri.
All of us have or have had friends over the years that are a part
of our life’s story.
We ourselves and these friends all have our own personalities
that when combined create memorable stories that are retold over
and over again.
The Original Missouri Brew Crew’s stories are portrayed in this
book. You will laugh and trigger memories as you relate their stories
and the group’s characters to friends that you have known or are part
of your current life.
Memories can be created anywhere at any time when you are
with friends. Simple events like fishing, golfing, baseball, cooking or
traveling can result in fantastic stories about each other.
Yes a beer or two amongst friends during these events makes
things even funnier.
You will find yourself laughing at their stories and even yourself
as you remember some of your friends and the stories you created

They say the rule is that you can probably count all your close friends
on one hand.
This rule does not apply to our group of guys here in Missouri.
If one of us hurts, we all hurt, and I’m sure each one of us would do
anything for the other if called on to do so.
We call ourselves the Missouri Brew Crew, and in this book you
will find several of our stories that are told when the group or some
of us get together. Usually this is to the chagrin of our wives who I
know are tired of hearing the same stories told over and over. Sorry,
girls, and thanks for your patience, but when a buddy says, “ true
story, watch this,” you better, and it probably will be funny for life.
I’m sure there are several guys (or girls) out there that know
what we’re talking about.
So read on and have a laugh on us and quite possibly at yourself
as you may trigger some of your own memories. Check out our video below and one of our stories from the book.

Now that we are published we find that it is easier to get published a second time so we can help you. We would like to make a series of books. Maybe we can make your group the next Brew Crew Book.

If you would like to partner with the Original Missouri Brew
Crew and have them help you create a book about your group’s stories,
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